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Sara In the Wild

Sandy Hook, New Jersey
August 29, 1993 SH9354

   Aljo green and purple pretzel string maillot tanga.

   TMLA. N-4. Areolage. Double tan lines.

   "I shot these in a parking lot at Sandy Hook," writes a correspondent, "just as this girls was walking away from me (1). Here she is across the parking lot (2), and he she is coming back--she adjusted her suit when she saw me taking her picture (3), and then she gave me a smile (4). She said her name is Sara, but that's all I know."

   The pretzel maillot is strictly a mail-order purchase, and its appearance a public beach is a rarity.
   It may be argued that this maillot is intended to be a slingshot, but the fact it is tied criss-cross in front has mutated it species.

   Wildlife. 4 pictures.
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