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Tess Older Audition

Los Angeles, California
c. 1993 ZXCA02BS

   Green pretzel maillot. Topless.


   Tess has recently bought this new swimsuit in a boutique she favorites and has been wearing out to the beach. It's been gathering complements for her so she's her luck with it at the audition today. She's reserved (1), but leans forward and smiles (2). When she stretches back her body rides up but the suit stays in place; the flash captures her dismay (3). She's ready to recover herself but the photographer says "hold it" and so she does (4), knowing she is exposed and accepting it with a nervous laugh (5). She holds still and determined as the photographer moves closer (6), and leaves herself exposed when he directs her to rotate and face the camera (7). Then he give a nod, and she puts herself back together again.

   Although this older redhead and sometimes model isn't quite sure just what she is comfortable with she lets nature run its course. One can debate if the act of just wearing this very slippery maillot didn't commit her to a course of action, if she is in fact seducing us, or if she is a victim.
   Regrettably, our correspondent did not photograph the back of this maillot but the astute Bikini Scientist will note that the rather strong formation at the side actually joins a not only the fabric in the bottom of the bra cup to the waistband, but to a strap in the back. In other words, this silhouette is not a halter neck but is probably a criss-crosses X-back and reconnects at the waist. Pretzels can be complicated.

   Courtesy H. David Story. 7 pictures.