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Scar Tattooed and Pierced

Photo studio
c. 2005 ZP5120BS

   Red-orange slingshot maillot. Topless. Tattoos on left arm, right upper arm, right pelvis, right wrist, right shoulder, back, hip, and ankles. Pierced nipples, navel, clithood, tongue, lip, nose, ears.

   TMLA flash TMLBA.

   This is Scar, one of the icons of alt porn (1, 2, 3, 4). Although she wears an slingshot maillot (5), she parts it to the side to show off her nipple studs (6, 7, 8), and sticks her tongue out to show her piercing there (9, 10). Scar gives you consideration 11), and pushes down the swimsuit to reveal the gun tattooed on her lower belly (12, 13, 14).

   Scar combines all the alure of a bikini model with the piercings of a punk. Note the gun tattooed onto this Alt Girl 's pelvis.

   Ace Adult Content, courtesy Picticon. 1728 resolution images. 14 pictures.
ZP5120_IMG_6758.JPG ZP5120_IMG_6697.JPG ZP5120_IMG_6711.JPG
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ZP5120_IMG_6726.JPG ZP5120_IMG_6733.JPG ZP5120_IMG_6737.JPG
ZP5120_IMG_6729.JPG ZP5120_IMG_6740.JPG ZP5120_IMG_6745.JPG
ZP5120_IMG_6755.JPG ZP5120_IMG_6757.JPG