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Jenny Horn Nippleless and Crotchless V-kini

57th Street Studio, New York
August 28, 1993 JE9362

   Her Sassy Kisses red Spandex nippleless cutout-bra and crotchless v-kini. Sunglasses.

   TMLBAP. N-3. Hairage, buttage.

   Jenny grins from the chair (1), and when she uncrosses her legs one can tell that there are pieces missing from three parts of her swimsuit (2). Jenny has always been willing to show hairage (3), and showcases this bikini with her usual jest (4). The nippleless soutien-gorge lets only her areola poke out (5). The bottoms are modest except for a tuft of hair sticking out (6), although a dropped hip mostly covers it (7). The backside is pure v-kini (8), cheeky and with a tendency to slide up the butt (9). A goodbye grin (10).

   Jenny has done nude modeling, but never anything "inappropriate." She understands that "the parts of me that are exposed here are the same as what you'd see if I were nude. I'm like naked but part of me is being covered by the bikini, so it's different than being nude. In some of my earlier shoots I modeled bikinis that revealed me because they were too small (JE9010) or too see-through (JE8912). Here it's like I'm revealed because the bikini is too big."
   Compare the nippleless to the boobless variation (JE9358).

   Fantasmo. 10 pictures.
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