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Jenny Horn Pasties Bottomless With and Without Hands

57th Street Studio, New York
December 20,1990 JE9026

   Annie l'String turquoise size 4A crochet pasties and hands over crotch.
   Annie l'String turquoise crochet pasties bottomless.
   Annie l'String crochet right pasty bottomless.
   Annie l'String turquoise crochet left pasty bottomless.
   Topless and hands.

   TMLAP. TMLAP plus single barebreast.
   TMLBAP. Light tan lines.

   Off camera Jenny changes into a of turquoise crochet size 4A pasties, and nothing else. As she steps before the camera to have her picture taken she holds her hands over her pubis, for modesty (1). She lets her hands fall to her sides for a two shot of the pasties (2) and then lifts her arm for a closeups of her right (3) and left (4) pasty. The right pasty is getting loose so Jenny reaches across and pads it down to make sure it stays on (5). Obviously the photographer in the studio can see that she is bottomless even if it is not recorded.
   Jenny turns around and lets her hands dangle at her hips while her bare behind is photographed (6). We back up and shoot a full back nude (7). Jenny turns around facing us (8), reaches up and scratches her ears (9), and carefully removes her right pasty (10), then stoically puts it back on and removes her left one and stretches (11), then takes it off again. She is now totally nude now and snaps her fingers at her side (12), flashes a smiles as she lifts her arms for a closeups of both breasts (13), then each one (14, 15), then, still otherwise nude, covers her pubis with one hand (16), turns (17), and walks off to the dressing room for her next change (18).

   This study multiplexes two ideas: the idea of hands covering or not covering the crotch, and the idea of one, both, or no pasties. The two together include topless, bottomless, and nudity among the options.

   Fantasmo, Pasties Outer Product with Hands, 1990. 18 pictures.
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