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Jill Daily Pico and G-string

Studio, 28 West 48th St., New York
February 1989 JD89I0

   Annie l'String black crochet pico string halter and her black g-string.
    Scar up the center of the chest.

   TMLA. CLeavage and inescapeable areolage.

   Jill models a pico-sized halter that doesn't completely cover her areola (1). Support is critical, and the strings can be adjusted behind the neck, in the front, and behind the back (2). Jody ties the halter two different ways, once normally behind the back (3), and once pulling the strings downward (4) and routing them through her waistband (5). She adjusts the balance with her g-string (6).

   String halters simply don't get any smaller than this. The stringwork decision to secure the halter on the waistband and balance the tension of the bikini produces an interesting example of tieology.

   Fantasmo. 6 pictures.
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