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Laurie See-through on the Street

Parking lot, Syracuse, New York
Summer 1976 LR7610

   Violet see-through longsleeved bare midriff shirt and floral skirt.

   M. TMB in see-through.

   Laurie is a painter who also works as a nude figure model. She is fairly flat-chested and enjoys wearing translucent blouses that hide nothing of her breasts and nipples. Today is no exception, and she parks her car outside a building, opens the trunk, and gathers her bag. She wears a violet see-through longsleeve blouse, tied up and bare midriff (1).
   After the drawing class she accompanies two of the students to a nearby cafeteria, and enjoys a cup of coffee with them. She is again wearing the thin violet see-through blouse, and her breasts remain visible to everyone.

   See-through in public dances one of those lines between the permissible and the sexual explicit.
   For another example of Laurie's exhibitionism see WL7610.

   Recounted by boyfriend. 1 picture.