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Sisters in the Morning Visit Topless Beach

St. Tropez Hotel Ocean, St. Maartin
February 1988 SM8820A

   SM8820S1 (Sister One): Yellow front fasten shirt and ankle-length dress over a pink, purple, yellow, and green diamond patterened maillot rolldown. The maillot seule and then rolled down into topless maillot.
   SM8820S2 (Sister Two): Aqua blue maillot rolldown; also with jeans, also topless.
   SM8820M (Mother): Yellow maillot rolldown also topless.
   SM8820F (Father): Nombril bikini briefs.

   SM8820S1: None > TM > TMLB > TMLBA > none.
   SM9902S2: TL > TMLB > T. N-2.
   SM8820M: TL > TMLB.
   SM8820F: TMLC.

   The first sister, Sister One, arrives down beach in a yellow shirt over a multicolored maillot. She leans over her beach chair (1), takes off her shirt, sits (2), lights a cigarette, and strapoffs the maillot exposing first her left (3), and then both breasts (4). She lies back (5), catches smoke, and rolls 'round onto her belly. Her hands behind her roll the back of her maillot into tanga style (6), baring her rump. She lies on her side and reads a French book. She sits up and grooms herself.
   Sister Two arrives after enough time has passed that One is beginning to get restless and roll her maillot back up (7). Two sits. By the time One is recovering her left nipple, Two is rolling her maillot down to topless (8). She stands, walks behind her sister (now full straponed) and they gaize down the beach together. In the standing position one can observe that Sister Two has waistlined de roulè below navel (9).
   Mother arrives in a yellow maillot, walks down the ocean and rolls it down. Then she lies down.
   Later in the morning the Sisters prepare to go off to the village for lunch. Two stands (10) while One stretches (11). Two zips her jeans on over her maillot, and One dons a yellow shirt as well as a skirt. They both head off down the beach (12).

   The addition and subtraction of layers of fabric will continue to be a theme when we pick up on these subjects when they return this afternoon to the pool (SM8820B), as it is with a few other St. Maartin players.
   Maillot rolldown is a pathway to Topless Tanga Venue (here, a time in the future, 1995-2000). To see how layers can also play with the Topless Tanga Venue see SM8813-14, whose g-string carries more exposure, more risk (e.g., the sidetie), commitment, and is worn with more range (pool to beach and back).
   "Everybody's different."

   Wildlife. 12 pictures.
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