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Mother and Kids Topless Pool Shower

St. Tropez Hotel Pool, St. Maartin
February 1988 SM8812

   Mother: Always topless and blue with black diagonal stripe nombril. Sunglasses. The stripe on the briefs outlines one-half of the pubis diamond and provides bias as will as definition.
   Boy child: Barechested and bikini trunks.
   Girl child: Topless and nombril bikini.

   Mother: TMLB. N-4. Wet.
   Boy: TMLC.
   Girl: TMLB.

   It is lateish in the afternoon and a mother and her two children arrive at the pool. Mom and the kids have come from their cabin. Mother wears bottoms, but has left her top behind. At the pool she sits, and leans back with her legs apart and dangles her feet in the pool. She smiles at the camera (1). She goes to the sea to swim, returns, and showers near poolside (2). She sits on the side of the pool to dry off, and talks with her kids. As the sunlight slips she gathers them up and all return from whence they came attired as they arrived.

   Mother is a member in the more rairified strata of the Always Topless, but even so her topless shower is a pecular rairity. Most subjects in the Topless Caribbean put their tops on before showering, just as they do when they go to a snack bar or go for a walk. St. Maartin is one of the few locations where these rarities are spotted (see also SM8507, SM8508). Of course, since this subject arrives and leaves topless, taking a shower simply punctuates her venue.

   Wildlife. 2 pictures.
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