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Topless Pool Beauty I Wraps Herself in Her Towel

Salako Pool, Guadeloupe
February 1988 G8852C

   Topless and floral front-tie faux-sarong bikini.
   Towel over topless bikini.

   TMLB. N-3. Underarm hair.

   A young lady exits the pool and returns to her chair, her sarong ties dangling in the wind (1). She ties them in front of herself, picks up her towel (2), stretches it wide, (3), wraps herself in it (4) and sits down.

    The Salako Hotel Pool is almost totally topless, as is the nearby beach, but the path inbetween is not....

   Wildlife. 4 pictures.
G8852C1.JPG G8852C2.JPG
G8852C2C.JPG G8852C3.JPG