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Ms. Faux Bow Tie Tanga & Boyfriend

Cocoa Beach, Florida
October 1990 CB9004

   Red and black and green string bra and tanga, with faux bow tie in the back.
   Boyfriend in black and white trunks.

   She: TMLA.
   He: TMLC.

   The object of this study lies on her side and talks to her boyfriend (1). Her tanga appears to have a bow tie on the back (2). She rolls onto her back and lifts her knees up (3), and later rolls onto her stomach unties her backstrap (4).

   The bow tie in the back provides an extra detail to attract the eye and heightens the illusion of risk in wearing this already risqué costume.

   Wildlife. 4 pictures.
CB900401.JPG CB900401C.JPG
CB900404.JPG CB900413.JPG