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Mother and Daughter Topless Long Rangers Lotion and Lay Out

Main Beach, Cancun, Mexico
August Friday, 1989 C8902-03

   Mother (C8902): Topless blue floral nombril bikini. Belly chain.
   Daughter (C8903): Topless sidestrap nombril.

   Mother: TMLB. N-3.
   Daughter: TMLB. N-4. Armpits. Tan lines mark where a bandeau must have previously been worn. Her briefs also tend to slide around on her suntan, exposing white edges.

   Although we don't witness it, another onlooker reports that the mother and daughter arrived at the Main Beach by walking from their room, past the main pool and bar, wearing only their bikini briefs. "I couldn't believe it," the onlooker observes. "Walking topless right past the pool all the way down to the beach. And her daughter right there beside her! She must be a French woman because I could never do that."
   Once at the beach the twosome prepare their chairs (1). The daughter sits, opens her suntan lotion (2), and lotions her legs (3) and her untanned breasts (4). She puts on her sun glasses and reclines with a book.
   Later a male friend catches the daughter's attention (5) and she arises, goes and sits down next to a him and talks (6). When she leaves him she wanders down along the ocean (7), her culotte casually showing some untanned cheek. Eventually she returns back to her chair (8).

   These is the most long-ranging topless subjects at Cancun, and indeed some of the most long rangers in general.
   The mother's total breast tan and the daughter's total lack of it suggest the mother is more adept at topless performances.

   Wildlife. 8 pictures.
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