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Adam and Eve Wear Fig Leaves

Garden of Eden
In the Beginning AE0010

   Eve: Topless with a fig leaf.
   Adam: Barechested with a fig leaf.
   They share an apple.

   TMLBA. N-5. Inguinal.
   TMLCA. N-4. Inguinal.

   Adam holds an apple in one hand while Eve hands him another. A snake watches from overhead (1).

   In Judeo-Christian mythology the invention of shame, that is the awareness of sexuality, occurs when a snake tips Eve off to eat an apple from the tree of knowledge.

   Painting attributed to Lucas Cranach the Elder, "Adam and Eve," Germany, c. 1510, in the collection of The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston. From Lawrence Langner, The Importance of Wearing Clothes, Hastings House, New York, 1959. 1 picture.