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Janella Teardrop Top Slingshot

Boat, Tappin Zee, Hudson River
July 2008 YSA835BS

Red teardrop string halter and size 1 string side tanga. Tied together they are essentially a slingshot maillot. Nipple and navel studs. Tattoo on back.

   TMLA. TMLBA. N-5.

Janelle drapes a teardrop halter around her neck (1) and then struggles to tie it to the side strings of her very small tanga (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9). She stand, defiant (10, 11), then turns away (12, 13). Closeups of the teardrop top (14) and bottom (15), and a tease showing just how slippery the teardrops can be (16, 17).

   The teardrop silhouette in the culotte resonates with a teardrop silhouette in the soutien-gorge, although the most natural way to support the very vertical lines is to tie the halter to the waistline of the culotte. But by doing so the silhouette now becomes a maillot, and more specifically, a slingshot maillot.

   Fantasmo. 17 pictures.
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