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Janella Slippery Slingshot

Boat, Tappin Zee, Hudson River
July 2008 YSA820BS

   Private Dancer red slingshot maillot. Topless. Nipple and navel studs. Tattoo on back.

   TML plus slippery TMLB. N -5.

   Janella stretches on the bow of the boat (1), stands (2), and grabs the sides of the maillot (3). She turns a little (4), and we examine how the fabric stretches across her breasts (5, 6, 7). We examine the bottom half of the swimsuit (8) as Janelle turns (9) and sits down on the deck (10).
   Lying down the slingshot shows off Janella's back tattoo with no backstrap in the way (11, 12); rolling over the front of the swimsuit shows frontal exposure (13, 14), with details of the top (15), bottom (16) and bare belly (17). But a slingshot can be slippery and try as she might Janella can't keep it in place (18, 19) and eventually gives up entirely (20, 21).

   Janella's full back tattoo is nicely framed by the bare-back slingshot, and the front of the maillot bares the center of her chest from her neck to below her navel.

   Fantasmo. 21 pictures.
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