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Elona Poses Against White Seamless

Los Angeles, California
c. 2000 ZX3K60BS

   Blue slingshot maillot tanga.

   TMLA. N-6. Cleavage centros and côté.

   Implants and a very narrow band from the waist up to and around the neck ensure generous cleavage (1). The gloves toss the hair back (2), and once again, a tug of adjustment (3). The side view provides the only clues to the back (4).

   Gloves, heels, and crinkle material are the only remnants to define this as stripper attire and not the pure beach. But if history is any clue, the beach is not far away.

   Photography by H. David Story. 4 pictures.
ZX3K6010.JPG ZX3K6020.JPG
ZX3K6030.JPG ZX3K6040.JPG