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Elona Poses Against Black Seamless

Los Angeles, California
c. 2000 ZX3K26BS

   Floral slingshot maillot tanga.

   TMLA. N-3. Cleavage centros and côté.

   Large breasts ensure cleavage both at the center and to the sides of this slingshot maillot. Full figure with armpits (1), closer with hands at the sides (2), tugging (3), side view (4), back (5).

   Note the slide casing where the neck piece fastens to the brief, and the extremely high waistline as a result.

   Photography by H. David Story. 5 pictures.
ZX3K2610.JPG ZX3K2615.JPG ZX3K2620.JPG
ZX3K2625.JPG ZX3K2630.JPG