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Ms. Pastoral A Wood Nymph

Riverbed in forest pasture
c. 1997 HS9710

   Red slingshot maillot.

   TMLA. N-4. Cleavage centros and côté. Inguinal.

   A very well-endowed blonde sits by a brook in the woods (1). She and her swimsuit are perfectly balanced.

   A deep v-kini tangaed and a vertical elastic halter characterize the slingshot silhouette. It has been argued that this bikiniesque creation is indeed bikini, but, when properly worn, the connection between the top and the bottom is essential, defining it as maillot species.
   None the less, with the slingshot, the exposures so mimic bikini that this is one case in which maillot equals soutien-gorge and culotte.
   Maillot Science? Perhaps, but this model may easily participate in a bikini contest.

   Www.hotsex.com/rated g, Boston, Massachusetts, downloaded April 12, 1997. Original source and date unknown, but suit is definately a 1990s creation. 1 picture.