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Jane Fonda Topless Bikini at the Pool

August 1966 JF6610

   Topless and nombril bikini brief.

   TMLB. N-2.

   This daughter of one of Hollywood's leading actors (Henry Fonda) and girlfriend of French director and Bardot shaper Roger Vandim indicates a kind of defiance when she sheds her top for this famous swimming pool scene (1). After discussing the scene she turns (2) and slips into the water (3).
after swimming about (4) she emerges (5, 6) and towels off (7).

   Although not yet a major star, Fonda signals that the new generation may be more willing to "go European," and follow in the footsteps of another Vandim protege, Brigitte Bardot. This scene, and her later striptease in Barbarella, establish her as a household name.

   File FAME2440.PIC;1 from Celebrity Nudes CD-ROM, Vice Entertainment Inc., 3285 Cavendish Blvd, #472, Montreal, Québec, Canada H4B 2L9, 1994. Other images from Moonlight, Celebrity Nudes. Also featured in "The French Fonda," Playboy, August 1966. 7 pictures.
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