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Ursula Andress The Dr. No Bikini

1963 UA6310

   Black and white front-gather underwire bra with widely spaced shoulder straps and nombril bikini. Knife.

   TML. N-3. Cleavage.

   Eve emerges from the sea in her scalloped bikini, conch shell in hand (1, 2) and knife in her belt (3). She pauses for some beauty shots (4, 5, 6). She reclines on her back (7).
   When she steps on urchin and James Bond gets the task of sucking the poison out of her foot, bikinis and foot fetish and united.
   She puts a shirt on over the bra (8), and the couple head upstream (9, 10). The couple soon get captured (11), processed nude through a decontamination chamber, and taken prisonor. Our heroine ends up chained spread-eagled on her back in a spillway, where she needs to be rescued by Bond.
   Off camera the two stars relax, with Andress demonstrating how cleavage works with the wide-strapped bra design, as seen from the side (12), together (13), leaning into the camera (14), and stretching out in the water (15). The nimble 26 year-old stretches back from a boat (16), and headstands (17)! The European girl that she is, she sunbathes topless, but lies on her towel (18).

   Ursula Andress plays Honey Ryder opposite Sean Connery (James Bond ) in the first movie adaptation of Ian Fleming's spy adventures. The film brings Andress to the world stage and is the beginning of the spy-hero genre. Andress will bare more of her body in the future.
   Compare to Raquel Welch exiting the water (RW196710), and to Ursula in another underwire bra (UA6610).

   Publicity stills from the movie Dr. No. Collected from the Internet (including www.homestead.com, www.jamesbond007.com) and other sources, circa 2001. 18 pictures.
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