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Natalie Wood Stripper Bikini

Hollywood, America
1962 NW6210

   Metalic constructed bandeau and v-kini bikini. Heels. Topless (backside) and furpiece.

   TML. N-5. Armpits. Buttage.

   Natalie Woods' staring role as the stripper Gypsy Rose Lee, in a movie by the same name, helps accelerate both her career and the silhouette of the bikini (1, 2). The 32B-22-24 movie actress is 21 years old.

   This costume--that of a burlesque dancer as depicted in a movie about a burlesque dancer--presages the bikini of the beach by 25 years, and in that regard alone is significant. Note the center seam in the culotte and the cheeky buns and dimples on the backside.

   Publicity stills from Mervyn LeRoy (director), Gypsy 1962. In Lo Duco and Mauricde Bessy, L'érotisme au cinéma, Filmarchives, Paris, 1977, p. I-142. 2 pictures.
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