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Barbara Eden Navel Censors

House interior setting, America
c. 1965 BE6501

   Vest over bra and harem pants. Dangling tassel. Hat tied to neck.
   With male co-star in military uniform.

   TM. Navelage.

   Jeannie (played by Barbara Eden) explains a problem to the officer (1).
   An off-air publicity shot reveals a fragment of the belly button that is forbidden on-air (2).

   Barbara's belly button battleground erupts into the press when she complains that "people are beginning to wonder if I really have one." The ABC censors walk a fine line, turning the other eye when part of her navel gets exposed in off-air publicity shots.
   Never underestimate the ability of the censors to heighten the erotic, for their fetish obsessions are among the most public of all.

   #1 from I Dream of Jeannie, television series, originally aired ABC, circa 1965.
   #2 from John Blumenthal and Kate Nolan, "Great Moments in Sexual Censorship," Playboy, December 1977. 2 pictures.
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