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Joan Collins Blonde & Bikinied

Beach sand
1955 JC5510

   Plaid halter string bandeau and nombril briefs.

   TML. N-2. Cleavage.

   Joan crawls on her hands and knees in the sand, with the surf rolling in behind her (1).

   Ms. Collins wears a rather revealing bikini here, but now, as well as years later as a star, she is seldom shy about revealing her body. The blonde bombshell plays bikini parts and strippers in the 50s, and takes the cinema nude plunge in the late 1970s. And at the height of her career, famous for a role in the TV series Dallas, she models nude for Playboy in December 1983.

   Credited to Bettmann Archive. Scanned from "Salute: From Itsy Bitsy to Brinkley: A 40th-Birthday Celebration of Practically Nothing," People Magazine, 1986. 1 picture.