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Jane Russell Howard Hughes Invents the Underwire Bra

Barn, Hollywood
1943 JR4310

   Low cut slit-leg skin-tight dress. Belt.

   TL. Offshoulder.

   Jane sits in a bed of straw with one sleeve offshoulder (1) and looks at the camera, first person.

   Howard Hughes designs the steel underwire push-up bra for sweater girl Jane Russell to wear in The Outlaw. Hughes, an airplane designer, adopts modern technologies to up-lift the contour of the bosom. The film's release is delayed for three years because of Russell's sensuous portrayal, and Hughes finally decides to release it without a Motion Picture Code seal. It marks the beginning of the end of film censorship. Hughes will live on to become one of the richest men in America, retiring to Las Vegas where he buys a hotel, moves into the penthouse. He buys a local TV station so he can watch movies after midnight.

   Publicity still from The Outlaw. Patricia Baker, Fashions of a Decade: The 1940s, Facts On FIle, 460 Park Ave. South, New York 10016, 1992. Picture credited to the National FIlm Archive. 1 picture.