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Myrna Loy Nude Bathing

Bathing pool, Hollywood, California
1933 ML3308

   Nude in pool.


   The star reclines nude in a bathing pool covered with flowers (1, 2). Attendants surround here (3). A closeup (4).

   Ramon Novarro's heroine in The Barbarian takes the kudos for this year's most discreetly provocative nude scene. Loy, cast as an exotic during the early part of her film career, joins an elite group of actresses in the early 1930s who perform nude bath or bathing scenes, including compete with Claudette Colbert and Hedy Lamarr (HL3310).

   From The Barbarian, MGM, 1933. Various sources include: John Douglas Eames, The MGM Story, Crown Publishers Inc., New York, 1979. Doctormacro.info, moviesnxs.com. 4 pictures.
ML3308_10_Myrna_Loy_Barbarian_01.JPG ML3308_20_Myrna_Loy_Barbarian_02.JPG
ML3308_30_Myrna_Loy_Barbarian_03.JPG ML3308_40_Myrna_Loy_Barbarian.JPG