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Pan Handle Scrap Unitard Chewing Tobacco Girls

Faux Beach, America
c. 1913 PS1350

   Black sleeveless unitards. Bathing cap. Bow in hair. Hatless.


   Several unitarded bathing beauties adorn cards packed with chewing tobacco. They include: The famous Annette Kellerman sitting on a rock (1). Miss Ideal with her hands behind her back (2) and lying on her back to demonstrate the backstroke (3). Odiva sits (4), and lies on her back and extends her legs up (5). Rose Pitonof lies on her stomach and demonstrates the breaststroke (6). On the back of Ms. Pitonof's card we get some additional statistics about this athlete, "Neck, 12 1/2 inches; shoulders, 38 inches; chest, 32 inches; upper arm, 11 inches; forearm, 9 1/4 inches; thigh, 21 5/8 inches; knee, 14 inches; ankle, 8 1/2 inches."

   On the inverse it says, "We believe we have produced in Pan Handle Scrap the finest chew that has ever been offered."

   From Champion Women Swimmers chewing tobacco cards, Pan Handle Scrap Co, Factory No. 6, First Dist, Ohio, 1910-1915, from the Smithsonian Institute Collection, items 1981.0839.n, reproduced in Sports Illustrated, December 23, 1986.
   Internet auction information suggests more accurate date might be 1913; Pan Handle Scrap apparently issues many series of cards, including this [incomplete] one. 6 pictures.
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